Friday, February 29, 2008

Passion Island - our shore excursion from the Cruise

And it was sooooo much fun!
Check out the color of that water

The Corona shot (this is the island they shot those commercials on)

My confession.

Ok so we are proud Republicans. Not ashamed one bit. While we don't always agree with the far Right side we definitely are Right without a doubt.

Today we did something that we never thought we would do....

We voted for Hillary Clinton.

Now you might be thinking. Are you out of your mind you just cast a vote for a totally unelectable candidate, she would never win the election if she is nominated....


I have to say I only had one moment of doubt. That was when we realized that when you go to a primary they make you choose democrat or republican. Then they call it OUT LOUD! Now we had been talking to several others in line (for an hour) and frankly would be totally embarrassed to say we were Democrat. But we bit the bullet for the cause.

This evening. ...

My dinner! Vanilla with raspberry mmmmm!
Well it is no sausage pizza but I am down 11.5 so far!

Getting Jonathan from the bus stop. A Story in pictures.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Who knew... did you know? I didn't...

On my recent quest to eat more healthy I have come across a few things that I can't believe I never knew. You may have known them but I sure didn't.

#1 The chicken that changed my life.

Did you know when you buy frozen chicken breasts you don't have to thaw them? Easiest recipe ever! Take any seasoning or rub (this can be BBQ, Greek, really any flavor you want, they have at least 30 different ones at any grocery store) and sprinkle this on both sides of the frozen chicken. Put the chicken on an oven safe cooking dish (spray it with what ever you want to keep the chicken from sticking). Then pop it in the oven on 350 for 50min to an hour depending on how thick the chicken is. I have even put this in the oven on delayed timed bake (don't worry it wasn't in there long enough to go bad or anything) while I went to church and had fresh hot chicken when I came home. I use it on salads, by itself, anything. It is so much more tender cooked this way then pan fried or stir fried like I have always cooked it. I NEVER knew you didn't have to thaw chicken!!! How sad is that.

#2 Pan Fried Tilapia

Now this one does need to be thawed... oops, be right back. O.k. my dinner is currently thawing. Heat a pan on the oven with a little oil, until it is really hot. Sprinkle the thawed tilapia with "blackened seasoning" on both sides. Then throw them in the pan and cook for just a minute or two on each side until the fish flakes and is cooked through. Presto! You have fish that might as well come from a restaurant. Serve with your favorite sides. Currently mine is baby salad greens with grape tomatoes and sliced cucumbers with either raspberry wine vinaigrette or Asian silk spray dressing. YUM! (that is dinner tonight!)

That's all for now!

Where will my garden grow?

Since we are now getting a 70+ degree day every few days on average it seems that all the radio and tv adds have changed over to nursery's and garden centers. This of coarse drives me nuts because we are in an apartment and don't even have a really sunny patio (which of coarse is great in the middle of summer). I knew this would be an issue as I am a total yard freak. I would love to spend all day at a garden center picking out flowers and shrubs and trees then come home and plant them and water them. I love when the everything blooms I could just walk around a nice yard forever admiring all the blooms, leaves and different types of bark. Ok I'm starting to sound a little over the top. But I just really love and appreciate things that grow. I have a couple of shade loving things on my patio. I even planted some grass in a pot out there. ;-) It doesn't really make up for the lack of yard though. I can tell that this spring is going to be a little trying for me, but I'll just keep thinking of how much less work it is to live here (said with clinched teeth) and that it is only a matter of time before we will buy a house and put our own roots down here.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


In the 6 days before the cruise I had lost 8 lbs total (much of it water of coarse). When we arrived home I weighed the next morning to find that I had gained 6 of it back. Within the first two days back on my little program I was back to only 1 lb higher than pre-trip weight loss. Now I want to stop and absorb that. I ate on this trip... I mean I really ate...and drank! I had whatever I wanted although half way through the trip I started feeling yucky and switched over to better choices. So I am amazed that within 3 days of getting back I will have erased any damage done! I LOVE THIS PROGRAM!

So I now have about 3 weeks until the next challenge. My parents are flying in for a 10 day visit. I plan on keeping up my plan and making my "lean and green" meals the dinners. Hoping for the best.

Back from paradise.

Monday we returned from our cruise. It was amazing. We are already trying to plan our next one. I have to say though that in looking back on the experience I'm not sure it would have been the same if 90% of the people on board were not from Texas. I don't want that to sound prideful but I've observed that Texans tend to be more friendly and fun. So imagine being on a cruise where the employees on board know that! They played the Texas card many times, it made for some great energy.

We decided rather that going on the Snuba excursion (cross between scuba and snorkeling) we would go to "Passion Island" This is a little island off of the island of Cozumel that they filmed the Corona commercials. It was a short Tour Bus ride and then a little boat ride over there. Once you were there you were with only about 50 people on the whole island. It included a buffet lunch and an open bar. They had Hammocks, beach chairs, volleyball, a trampoline in the water and out, they had this little bed thing with 4 posts ... it was wild. The whole thing was so much fun.

I'm sure I could talk about it forever and I'm to much of a long story blogger but maybe I'll share more another day when I have more time on my hands.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Big Fat Lie

Recently I have watched a member of my small group shrink. Really, like by over 130 lbs, and still shrinking. I was intrigued. So what did I do? I asked his wife what was going on. So she went on to explain what he had been doing, it was a combination of formulated shakes, soups etc that he had about 5 times per day and 1 main meal. So I thought well it worked for him so I think I want to give it a try.

I did the research, found out what the philosophy was behind it and once I was completely sold on it I plunked down my money for a months supply. I waited about a week for my first "kit" to come in the mail. In that week I think I must have talked to 6 or so people about it. They were all so excited and curious. I must say I had my "I really believe in it" hat on. It is one of those moments that when I wear it I really have to be careful what I'm talking about or I could talk someone into jumping off a bridge. (this made me not really able to trust what people said because I felt that I had talked them into it before they had a chance to think for themselves) I don't know why people listen to me and believe what I say but for some reason when I get passionate about something this thing lights up inside of me and it becomes contagious. I really should put that to good use one of these days.

My plan was to start the plan after we got back from our 5 day cruise to Mexico. I mean really who diets for a just the week before they go on a cruise.. really? So when the box arrived I was so excited I took it with me in the van to do school pick ups and read the material while waiting for the kids. I couldn't wait the 2 weeks until we got back so I decided to do it for a "trial" week and get a feel for it then go on the cruise hoping that it would put me in a healthy eating mode and I might do better on the cruise because of it. And perhaps I would lose a little weight so that whatever I might gain on the cruise would just be nullified.

Day1 Hunger. I knew this day would be the day I felt hunger again. I haven't always allowed myself to feel hunger, usually the days stress would get me before then. I ate every 2-3 hours just as the plan had said and I did it with enthusiasm. Lost 3 lbs this day.

Day 2 Less Hunger. This day I had to start mildly keeping myself busy when i would have usually been snacking. I didn't feel that hunger as strongly today but it was usually there by the time I was ready to eat again. Lost 2 lbs this day

Day 3 Stress. They say when you start this type of diet that you crash part was through the first week and to expect it. I had a stress crash. I was tired and I wasn't ready for my cruise. I had shopping to do and that stressed me out because I didn't like the way anything looked on me. However, when I found myself at target trying on clothes for the first time in a long time I was walking out of the dressing room with some keepers! This brightened my day and things were looking up again. Lost 1 lbs this day.

Day 4 Exhausted. This must have been the day that my glucose stores were gone and my body had to go into fat burning mode. I was exhausted, my legs and my feet were so tired just from doing church that morning. I wanted to collapse but the day just kept marching on and I was a bit cranky toward the end. Lost 1/2 lb this day.

Day 5 Today. Hmmm the truth comes out. Well I have been doing better than I had imagined on this plan so far. I have been enjoying much of the foods that are provided. I have LOVED the new recipes I got from that small group member that has shed 130+ lbs. THANKS! But today was different. I had some normal and not so normal stresses and instead of going to food (which I didn't even think of!) I reflected on my behavior. I was acting like such a child. I was being selfish and inconsiderate. I had been unloving and rude. I had put myself before others even when they were having a hard time. Now this had way more to do with what was going on in my head than anything that I actually acted on but I was shocked and embarrassed to think that I had felt this way.

They say on this diet that after a short while two things happen. #1 The fog in your mind lifts #2 In women that are over weight they store estrogen in fat, when you lose this weight rapidly your body has to release the estrogen giving the effect of some pretty ugly PMS. I give that credit to putting a magnifying glass on the real thoughts and emotions I have been feeling. The fog lifting (from not carb hiding my emotions) I give credit to being able to assimilate those feelings into coherent thoughts. And finally I give credit to a low carb diet to taking away the cravings that drove me to the kitchen in the first place to swollow my problems away. Today I had to come face to face with one of I'm sure many unresolved issued that I have had in my life. I have to make a conscious decision to resolve these things in my mind, act like a grown up and doesn't try to always get her way.

So all that to say I feel like I've been living one BIG FAT LIE after another. In my mind that is. When I get upset at someone I often just bitch and whine and eat some food. Then I "feel" better. I don't really resolve anything. So after years and years of doing this not only am I carrying around that baggage of feeling like a bad person I'm carrying the physical baggage that shows just how many conflicts and emotions I have stuffed down.

I'm encouraged that this way to lose weight allows me to deal with one thing at a time. I don't have to worry about what I'm eating because it is pretty brainless so I can focus on fixing some of the underlying problems that have caused the issue in the first place. Then, once I've lost all the excess weight and hopefully undone a lot of damage in my mind and emotions, I can move on to the transition and maintenance phases that allow a very slow transition and learning curve into how to feed my body when my mind is well. I don't think I've ever had my mind well enough to this without being being pulled into the kitchen and drawn to every nasty thing that my body tells me will numb the pain.

As of 4 days in I've lost a total of 6.5 lbs. Yes I know much is water, but I still think that is pretty darn good, I'm excited to see what the whole week shows and then how I fair on the cruise. I'm already looking forward to getting back and jumping back on track to go for the long haul. I'm guessing at this point that it will take about 6-9 months to reach my goal. So I say bring it on!

Please forgive the typos its late and I just had to get all that off my chest.