Thursday, January 1, 2009

Back to the land of the living!

After three exhausting and fairly sick months I think I'm finally coming out of it. Sometime soon I'll have to post some more recent pics from the fall and Christmas. In a few weeks we'll also know for sure if the little firecracker growing inside is of me is a new brother or sister for the boys.

James pulled a doozy on me over Christmas which I'm certain he wouldn't have pulled it off if I hadn't been pregnant. It was December 23rd and I had taken my evening cocktail of anti nausea pills that quickly puts me to sleep. So there I lay at 830 at night asleep on the couch when all of the sudden I awoke to the doorbell! James didn't seem that surprised, he jumped up and answered it while I tried to awaken from my groggy sleep. And in walk none other than my parents from 200o miles away!!! They got me good, I had NO idea they were coming. This was a nice surprise and we had a great time in between all my getting sick and resting ;-). Fortunately I was just starting to come out of the worst part of my morning sickness.

We are now heading into the new year with great anticipation for what this year will bring. It seems we don't ever seem to have a dull year around here. Each year brings some life altering change to our lives. So I guess we'll just wait and see what all this year brings.

Happy New Year!