Friday, May 30, 2008


There are stories and explanations for most of the pictures below... when it isn't almost midnight and we don't have an all day track meet tomorrow I'll do some explaining .

Around the yard.

Just a few moments from the last few weeks.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

So much going on, so little inspiration to blog.

Like the title says. This feels a little more like an obligatory update that if I don't make I will feel so far behind there will be no recovering.


Jonathan, 6 almost7, had his first track practice yesterday. He had a blast! He was one of about 7 kids that fell into the 6-8 age bracket. He did pretty well. He ended up running about 3 times around the track and various drills on the field. At one point they were doing the drill where you run to a first line then back to the beginning and then to the second line and back to the beginning. During this drill he decided he wanted to run next to his friend... on the other side of the field. So, imagine what it looks like when everyone else is turning to run back toward him and he is running criss-cross to his friend. At one point he runs into this older kid and quickly says with a chuckle... "tag your it!" and runs off. There were a few things like this throughout the practice. We were so proud of him, he ran his tail off and still wants to keep going with it. This is a huge commitment for us since it is 630-8pm tues, wed, Thursday. Then meets all over the metroplex on saturdays. It should be fun for sure.

Summer 08 unplugged.

We decided that we are going to go unplugged for the summer. What this means for us is that we won't have cable, the internet will be for email and bill paying and not much more. This will translate into more family time, more outdoor time, and generally spending our time more deliberately. To that end we bought Jonathan his first chapter book that we all thought he might enjoy... (without comics or pictures). To our amazement he finished all 86 pages within the first 2 days we had it. Then we picked up another one with 36 pages and he finished that one in a day. So public library here we come!


Ian has been having a great time with school and is eagerly anticipating the classes that he is taking this summer. He will have a gym class with all the trampolines and foam pits, that should be entertaining. Both boys are also taking a cooking class and swimming lessons. They are so excited. I think the thing we are all most excited about is not having to wake up so early over the summer.


In 2 days we will be closing on our first Texas home. We have been so wrapped up in other goings on it has almost been an after thought. We also will have an extended move in over the next few weeks due to not wanting to pack everything and also I have about a week more of childcare duties that the new house won't be ready for.

It will be fun to get into our long term storage and see what we felt we needed to keep so bad but could live without for a year or so. We already know that we will be paring down our belongings even more. Our first house was a moderate size , our second was about twice our first (which we rapidly filled all the way up!) and our third is slightly smaller than our first (at our choosing!). One word sums up the direction our lives are attempting to go SIMPLIFY!

What we observed while living in a big house.

1) big house = big utility bills
2) big house = more of everything to buy for it, furniture, window coverings, etc
3) big house = costs more to change anything, windows, carpet, countertops
4) big house = endless cleaning
5) big house = more taxes
6) big house = more maintenance
7) big house = costs more

our conclusion... big house was not for us.

So we will gleefully move into our new house and get rid of anything that doesn't fit!


This is such a personal and big thing that is going on in my life but it doesn't really seem appropriate to blog about it. So lets just say, I'm in a very cool place with the Lord right now. My worship times are far more intense and intimate that they ever have been. My hearts desire is to see others come to a place where they can enter the presence of the Lord in the same way and be free to express there devotion to Him in new ways. To be free to worship the Lord extravagantly as Darlene Zschech puts it in her book. This is everyday worship in what we do but also in our quiet times with the Lord as well as corporate worship expressions. Lately I've been so overtaken by my desire to express my worship I find my self not being able to raise my hands high enough, sing loud enough, I want to scream like you would if you were excited at a football game. Have you ever noticed how excited people get at sports. It is also interesting to notice that when people get excited they raise their hands and scream, that seems to be our automatic response. Almost like we are programed to do that. Hmmm, interesting.

O.k. I think that is enough for now, I've got to get back to living the life I will later blog about.