Sunday, June 15, 2008

Simplify... sounds easy ..HA!

After recently moving into a new house and having half of my earthly possessions in storage for a year I've come to learn a few things. First off is I'm utterly ashamed, embarrassed, disgusted and frustrated with the amount of utter crap we have collected, shipped and stored and that was after getting rid of HUGE amounts of things before we left. I feel as though I could fill a garbage truck myself!

The message for our lives for the past year has been simplify. When we first moved into the house we only brought in what we needed for times sake. I was so content to have just those things. Then I would open the garage door to find a garage filled to the brim with only a walking trail through it of STUFF! I was surprised at the heaviness that I felt as soon as it all arrived at the house. So we have systematically been going through boxes and either, keeping, trashing or goodwilling many many items. The range of emotions that goes through my mind vacillates between all the emotions listed above. It is a very draining process. The idea is that in the end we will have only what we need or have a need of in the foreseeable future. And to take that a step further would be to not purchase, acquire or accept things that we don't need.

I've been trying to employ the reduce, reuse, recycle model in our going through items, at least on the big items. I feel that we have done a pretty good job of re tasking items that we already own so we don't need to buy new furniture or get rid of things in order to just go buy something similar but different. For instance.... we put our bedroom armoire in the living room. We also put our big huge long dresser in the living room with mirror above it... this has proved to provide some great storage space in a living room that would have limited storage or decorative furniture otherwise. And to top it off due to our fairly consistent decor theme it all blends in perfectly with our current living room set. I'll have to post pictures next time I get a chance. (read: too tired to do it right now).

So that has pretty much been my last 24 hours for ya.

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