Thursday, June 5, 2008

Lots and Lots of Odds and Ends

This week has been all about getting our apartment back into shape so we can turn our keys in with minimal charges... we'll see. This included painting back all the "accent" walls to the blah that they were when we moved in.

Timing.... Apparently about a week after we started sleeping in the new house the covered parking at the apartment that we pay for and the van usually sat under collapsed on a few cars... thankfully we were no longer living there, weren't visiting and I don't believe anyone was hurt.

High winds at sea. The last couple weeks have been in the 90's so we have been enjoying the pool in the back yard, for a few days now we have been in a wind advisory so steady winds in the 20's and justs into the 40's. This has been so weird because we are so used to wind coming from an icy gorge (Columbia that is). The wind here is just as warm as the day. So we get in the pool and about every 10 mintues when a floaty flies out of the pool Ian runs and gets it and then hops back in the pool. Fun times.

Garden. So while I was at Wal-mart picking up some groceries I decided to try my hand growing a few myself. I guess I figured any previous attempts (and subsequent failures) will most likely be overcome by the use of an automated sprinkler system. (and some super hot southern exposure in the back yard). So this year making an anticipated appearance in the backyard are several cherry tomatos, strawberries, zucchini and watermelon. In the fall we'll try our hand at some cold weather crops, lettuce, cabbage, and a few others. I'm not sure when those are harvested but I think sometime in late late fall.

Hindsight. Ever look back and wish that you hadn't bought about 50% of the things you have. I face that dilemma as we speak. My house has pretty much everything in it that it needs. (minus the huge wall storage thing from Ikea that we want to get for the boys room that will take the place of 4 current pieces of furniture (bookshelf, 2 plastic dressers and a real dresser) leaving us with even more stuff to get rid of. So the garage still has no less than 2 dozen boxes of stuff out there. Now I have to cut myself some slack, some of that is Christmas items but even that! We have 2 full size fake trees... who needs two? On top of that we have several mini's and a set of 3 that we used for our trees this year. We also have all of our garage and yard care/maintenance stuff in boxes still. (weed trimmer, leaf blower/sucker, tools etc.) So all in all yeah we have a lot of stuff we need to get rid of but most of all I just don't want to deal with any of it... bottom line!

Let the sleep resume! Since 3 days after arriving in Texas Jonathan has been in Kindergarten. School starts for him at 8 and he would catch the bus at 710. Since we moved he gets taken to school at 730 but seriously... we have to wake up between 630 and 7... just for him, James doesn't have to leave for work until like 850 most days. On good days we can sneak Jonathan out of his bedroom without waking up Ian. Today was a close call, I looked down at Ian just in time to see him let out a belly laugh and a big toothy, dimply grin. I was sure he was awake but upon further inspection, nope, he was just laughing in his sleep. That was at 7... it is no 9:33 and he is still asleep! Those must be some good dreams! All that to say, today is the last day of school and we are ALL looking forward to it getting out!

Surprise surprise. I'm not sure who all reads this so i hope I'm not ruining anything here BUT James' parents are coming for a visit in July (not the surprise). We last saw them when we drove to Georgia for Christmas. I have to say I was at my all time heaviest in my life when we saw them. Sad but true that must not have been a great sight. BUT! When they come this time I will be down about 50 to 55 lbs !!! Won't that be fun, as far as we know they don't have a clue.

Jonathan's turning 7!
He his so excited to have his birthday at Going Bonkers, this is similar to a place called Kids Club Fun and Fitness that we used to frequent. They have this HUGE play structure with all kinds of fun stuff in there, it is more open than the one we were used to, rather than the structure being in a corner it is in sort of a U shape with seating in the middle and a second floor "quiet" room for parents with free wifi!. It also has a second level with video games and a first floor with food party rooms etc. We are doing our first party package and I pray all his friends that we invited don't show up (last year every last one of them did!). This year was supposed to be a small birthday year but how do you invite just a few? I have a feeling the bill at the end is going to be a bit bigger that we had planned on.

Neighbors. We have met some terrific neighbors, sadly the ones right next door that also have a 4 and 6 year old are moving July 4th. But there is still a boy that was best friends with the 6 year old next door right down the street. So Hopefully Jonathan and he will hit it off.

Ok I think I've rambled on about 4x too long but I hadn't posted much in a while so time to catch up I guess.

Till next time!

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Betsy said...

Good for you! How are you losing the weight? I'm so glad you guys are settling in there, though I miss seeing you the 2-3 times a year I did when you lived here!