Sunday, November 16, 2008


Well, I have two posts that I never finished. One was on Jonathan breaking his arm about 5 weeks before summer was over. The other was on my FIRST worship leading experience...leading... from the piano... in front of over 100 ladies. Well I never really finished those posts so there ya go.... maybe I'll go back in time at some point and finish those.

On to new news. Ok we'll start with the back story... the way back story, but I'll simplify it.
*when james and I got married we wanted 3 kids
*after having Ian (my baby that screamed for 9 months due to digestive issues) we put that plan on hold
*we then decided to look into adoption
*that led us to foster care... for a while
*after foster care we decided to open the door to more biological kids
*2 years later we still just had the two boys, totally content with either 2 or more children we didn't really mind either.
*We had decided after a while to schedule an appt to make things permanent, we didn't really want to keep things in limbo forever.
*I had a recurring bad dream that led us to cancel that appt about a week before it was to happen.
*About a month after that we were at church for a meeting about the womens retreat and the boys were playing. They went outside and locked themselves out. When they came back inside Ian told me proudly that he prayed a lot outside. He then said "mommy I prayed for you to have a baby".... we laughed.
*3 Weeks later..... two little lines appeared .

I can't describe the emotions I felt looking at that test. I laughed and cried all at the same time. I couldn't beleive it... really. I told James later that day. I was shocked to find out that he was really excited... I wasn't sure how that would go. So a while later we took the boys to yogurtville. I reminded Ian of his prayer and said well God answered your prayer... what do you think he said. Jonathan pipes up "No" in a sort of disappointed way. I say "no try again" A light goes on over Ians head and he says "YES?!?!?!" I confirm. Then a second light goes on and his eyes get even bigger and he says " BUT MOMMY I PRAYED FOR TWO!!" to which I explained sometimes God answers yes to some of our prayers and no to others. We'll let time confirm that one.

So here I sit somewhere in my 9th week of this pregnancy. I've managed to avoid most of my morning sickness thanks to a zofran prescription. I've been looking back on my previous pregnancy journals and things seem to be progressing along just as they have for the last two.

A couple things make this one different. First, Jonathan will be 8 and Ian will be 6 when this baby is born ... YIKES. They are so excited though and it has been so much fun to share the experience with them. Second. I have only ONE thing left from the boys. A pack and play. I had also picked up one of those high chair things that sits on your own chair for when I was watching a friends kids at my house. So I have two things. Everything else is starting from scratch. In some ways I guess maybe I'm glad. I certainly wouldn't have wanted to wear my maternity clothes from 8 years ago.. HA! And the crib we had broke while we were taking it apart for the last time. Thank goodness for Divine Consign and Craigslist.

SO that is the latest from the Asplunds.


Tana said...

WOHOO!! I'm so excited to hear of such great news!!
So, what about 2 of them??

Sarah said...

That's funny, when we first heard him say that we were thinking, well maybe we should have a "second batch" but now that I'm into the whole not so fun part of bringing new life into the world I'm not so sure about that. It is hard to tell my boys who completely understand what I'm saying that I'm sick or so tired I can't move. I'm not sure if THEY would want me to be pregnant again. As for two at one time... I'd be shocked!